Accessing, updating or deleting medical records

Healthcare providers, such as hospitals and GPs (general practitioners), must keep medical records for each patient. These medical records contain all the information regarding your treatment. For example, test results or letters of referral to a specialist or GP. You can view your medical records online. Or you can ask your doctor what information is contained in your medical records. You can also have the data adjusted or deleted.

Last updated on 1 December 2021

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Accessing your medical records

You can view your medical file online in your persoonlijke gezondheidsomgeving – PGO (personal health environment). Or you can request a paper copy from your doctor or healthcare institution. Would you like to see your medical file? If so, you can make a request to your doctor or healthcare institution. You will only be able to see the information that concerns you, such as X-rays and operation reports. You also have the right to know who has looked at your file.

Updating your medical records

If the information in your medical records is incorrect, you can ask your care professional to update the information. This is only possible if the information is factually incorrect or incomplete.

Deleting your medical records

The information in your medical records will be kept for 20 years. After that period, your doctor or healthcare institution will delete the information in your records. However, you can ask a doctor or healthcare institution to delete your information sooner.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Burgerlijk Wetboek Boek 7, artikelen 454, 455 en 456

Wet aanvullende bepalingen verwerking persoonsgegevens in de zorg, artikelen 15d en 15e

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