Requesting data about a sperm or egg donor in cases of artificial insemination

As a donor child or as a parent of a donor child, you can request information about the sperm or egg donor, for example if you want to know what the donor looked like or the donor’s profession. This data is managed by the Artificial Fertilisation Donor Information Office (Stichting Donorgevens Kunstmatige Bevruchting, DKB). The DKB does not have any donor data from before 1 June 2004.

Last updated on 17 August 2021

What donor data can be requested?

The DKB’s website provides information regarding the type of donor data that can be requested (in Dutch). For example, you cannot request medical data, such as genetic data or blood type. Only the GP of a donor child (in Dutch) can do that.

Requesting donor data

You can request donor data (in Dutch) from the DKB.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Law on artificial insemination donor data

Decree on donor data for artificial insemination

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