Care and support for refugees from Ukraine

  • Refugees from Ukraine should have the best possible access to support and care. To make this possible, staff from the municipal healthcare service (GGD) and other healthcare providers are present at many reception centres.
  • The GGD provides primary medical care for refugees. This includes vaccinations, health screening and infectious disease control.
  • The GGD also:
    • advises on hygiene standards at reception centres;
    • provides youth healthcare services;
    • helps people with psychosocial problems and traumas.

Healthcare for refugees from Ukraine

  • During an influenza epidemic, Ukrainian refugees who are at increased risk of severe illness from flu can be vaccinated against influenza free of charge.
    Call the municipal health service (GGD) in your area to make an appointment.
    See the guidelines for health workers on the reception of refugees from Ukraine and infectious diseases.
  • All refugees from Ukraine can get necessary medical care that falls under basic health insurance cover. However, the costs are not always reimbursed in the same way.
  • If a refugee has applied for asylum, the care provider declares the costs in accordance with the Medical Care for Asylum Seekers Regulations. The refugee does not have to pay anything.
  • If the refugee has not applied for asylum, the care provider declares the costs in accordance with the Grant regulations on medically necessary care for the uninsured. The refugee does not have to pay anything. 
  • Ukrainian refugees who want to work in the Netherlands must take out healthcare insurance. If they do not, they will be fined. Asylum seekers who take out healthcare insurance pay a premium and sometimes an excess (eigen risico). If they meet certain conditions, they can apply for healthcare benefit
  • In principle, Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands are temporary residents. They must register with their local municipal authority. However, temporary residents cannot take out healthcare insurance unless they are working in the Netherlands.
  • The website has more information about health insurance and the healthcare system in the Netherlands. The information is available in Dutch, English and Ukrainian.