Ensuring the electricity supply

Demand for electricity is growing. The economy depends on a constant supply of electricity. That is why Dutch central government is investing in a safe and reliable electricity network. Government also supports sustainable electricity production and energy efficiency.

Sustainable electricity production

The government supports sustainable electricity production, for instance by wind turbines and solar panels. By 2020 14% of all energy used in the Netherlands must be sustainable. The government is offering grants and tax incentives for sustainable energy production.

Energy efficiency

Burning fossil fuels for energy not only releases greenhouse gases, such as CO2. It also depletes fossil fuel reserves. To make sure that everyone still has enough electricity in the future, government is promoting greater energy efficiency.

Government has reached agreements on energy efficiency with a variety of partners, including industry. It also encourages homeowners to adopt energy-saving measures.

Electricity market agreements in Europe

In 2015 the European Commission announced plans for an Energy Union, which it hopes will:

  • improve energy supply security;
  • complete the internal energy market;
  • reduce demand for energy;
  • create a low-carbon European economy;
  • promote research and innovation in the energy sector.

Under the banner of the Energy Union, the European Commission published several legislative packages in 2016. Legislative proposals aimed at achieving climate and energy goals are currently in preparation.