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  1. Offshore wind: The Netherlands well on schedule, tender round to double capacity will start early 2024

    Today, the CrossWind consortium completed construction of the Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm. The Netherlands has now reached a ...

    News item | 20-12-2023 | 07:00

  2. North Seas conference in The Hague: from national goals to concrete joint action for offshore wind energy

    Today, the North Seas countries make a leap forward in the Hague to progress the offshore wind energy agenda. A shared Action ...

    News item | 20-11-2023 | 13:31

  3. Glasgow climate summit: agreement on more clean heavy-duty vehicles

    Fifteen countries and several transport sector companies spread across four continents are embarking on a drive for clean ...

    News item | 10-11-2021 | 01:00

  4. North Sea Energy Outlook establishes framework conditions for future growth of offshore wind energy

    Offshore wind energy plays an important role in making Dutch energy supply more sustainable and achieving climate objectives. The ...

    News item | 04-12-2020 | 14:48

  5. Collaboration Between the United States and the Netherlands Focuses on Hydrogen Technology

    Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the Dutch Ministry of ...

    News item | 06-10-2020 | 15:00

  6. Portugal and the Netherlands strengthen bilateral cooperation on green hydrogen

    Portugal and The Netherlands strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the two EU member states in the field of energy. The ...

    News item | 23-09-2020 | 13:30

  7. Shell and Eneco to build third unsubsidised Dutch offshore wind farm

    CrossWind, a consortium comprising Shell and Eneco, is going to build and operate the third unsubsidised wind farm in the Dutch ...

    News item | 29-07-2020 | 18:05