Animation Security Strategy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands

This is an animation about the Security Strategy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

This video is in Dutch. For English, please turn on subtitles.

The Security Strategy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Our security is a vital asset. Without security, there’s no freedom. But the world and its threats are changing. There are more threats, and they’re more multi-faceted and intertwined.

They include international tensions, military and digital threats, but also pandemics and climate and natural disasters. We can’t afford to be naive about these threats.

That’s why we must change the way we protect our entire Kingdom. It’s more important than ever for us to be alert and prepared.

The Security Strategy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands lays the foundation for a resilient future.

These are the guiding principles of the strategy that will steer us over the next six years:

  1. The strategy outlines what we will do to ensure our national security. And it’s the framework for how we will then implement this. For both deliberate and unintentional threats, considered from all angles.
  2. We will be looking beyond our own borders. External and internal security are inextricably linked with each other, and threats do not start or end at our borders.
  3. It will steer national security for the Kingdom as a whole. But it will acknowledge differences. And it will maintain the idea of personal responsibility for national security.
  4. The focus is on managing risk, not eliminating it. Because there’s no such thing as absolute security. But we can reduce the chance of threats, and limit their potential impact.
  5. Everyone has to do their bit. Not just the government, but also individuals, businesses and civil society organisations. We’re jointly responsible for our security. And that’s the only way to increase our resilience.

This strategy will make our Kingdom strong and resilient. Because our security deserves the most stringent protection.

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