How can my partner and I apply for joint responsibility for a child?

each log in using your own DigiD code. You will need your child’s citizen service number (burgerservicenummer (BSN)) when completing the form. If you don’t have a DigiD code or BSN, you can download the form. You can then deliver the form by post or by hand, along with the required documents, to any district court (rechtbank) in the Netherlands.

Applying for joint responsibility for a child using DigiD

You and your partner can apply for joint responsibility (gezamenlijk gezag) free of charge through the website You don’t have to send any documents as proof. Using your DigiD code you can log in and access the online form (in Dutch) for applying for joint responsibility. The website will fill in your details automatically from the Personal Records Database.

Using the form to apply for joint responsibility for a child

If you do not have a DigiD code or your child does not have a citizen service number (BSN), you can download the application form for joint responsibility (pdf 712 kB, in Dutch) from the website You must send in a number of documents with the application form, for example an original certified copy of the child’s birth certificate. You can obtain this document from the municipality where your child was born. This is explained on the form.

You can deliver the documents by post or by hand to any district court (rechtbank) near you. This applies even if your child was not born in the Netherlands or if you don’t know where your child was born.

Registering joint responsibility in the parental responsibility register

The registrar (griffier) of the district court will check your application to see that you fulfil all the conditions for joint responsibility. If you do, the registrar will enter your details in the public Central Parental Responsibility Register. From then on you and your partner have joint responsibility for your child.

Costs of applying for joint parental responsibility

Applying for joint parental responsibility is free of charge. But you will have to pay for the documents you get from the municipality.

Access to the parental responsibility register and obtaining an extract from it

Would you like to look at the parental responsibility register? Or do you need an extract (uittreksel) from it? You might need this for instance if you have to prove who has parental responsibility for your child. If so, you can submit a written request to any district court (rechtbank). There is no charge to examine the register or obtain an extract.