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  1. Monitoring the effects of the approach to tax avoidance

    The State Secretary for Tax Affairs and Tax Administration Van Rij presents the House of Representatives an annual monitoring ...

    Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 22-12-2023

  2. Factsheet Measures against tax avoidance and tax evasion

    The Netherlands has an open economy, and foreign markets are very important for Dutch businesses. Our tax system is designed with ...

    Leaflet | 28-06-2022

  3. Schatting doorstroom niet-financiële vennootschappen

    Deze notitie bevat gegevens die op experimentele basis zijn samengesteld voor de commissie doorstroomvennootschappen. Door het ...

    Policy note | 12-12-2021

  4. IBFD Quick scan

    IBFD Quick scan.

    Report | 12-12-2021

  5. Comparative analysis of the taxation of conduit companies

    This comparative analysis provides an overview of the measures listed for further research by the ‘Commissie ...

    Report | 12-12-2021

  6. Cabinet response Committee on Conduit companies

    Cabinet response Committee on Conduit companies.

    Letter | 02-12-2021

  7. The road to acceptable conduit activities

    Report of the Committee on Conduit Companies. At the request of the House of Representatives, the Committee has investigated the ...

    Report | 03-10-2021