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Tax Plan: further simplification

The tax system needs to be simplified. The government is therefore again taking measures this year to make taxes less complex for ...

News item | 20-09-2016 | 15:15

Response by the Ministry of Finance to reports on the Panama Papers

The Tax and Customs Administration will investigate the information from the Panama Papers that is relevant to the Netherlands. ...

News item | 04-04-2016 | 14:44

European Commission decision on corporate taxation of public companies

Tax, taxation, corporate taxation, european commission

News item | 21-01-2016 | 12:01

Government appeals the decision in the Starbucks case

The Netherlands stays committed to fight tax avoidance

News item | 27-11-2015 | 16:50

Reaction of the Dutch authorities to the Commission decision on Starbucks

The Dutch cabinet is somewhat surprised about the decision of the European Commission that Starbucks would have received State ...

News item | 21-10-2015 | 11:15

Tax plan cuts taxes on labour

A key aim of the 2016 Tax Plan is to reduce the tax burden. Next year the government will cut taxes on labour by €5 billion. This ...

News item | 15-09-2015 | 15:21

Tax and Customs Administration to share information automatically to fight against international tax evasion

Finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem signed a declaration today with 50 other countries, committing the signatories to exchange ...

News item | 29-10-2014 | 16:38

The Netherlands welcomes progress in the fight against international tax avoidance

State Secretary Wiebes of the Ministry of Finance welcomes the OECD's interim report on transparancy in tax matters and possible ...

News item | 19-09-2014 | 15:13

Ploumen: paying tax is essential to promoting development

Companies that operate internationally should do more to ensure that their tax policies meet the norms for corporate social ...

News item | 25-08-2014 | 14:35

Mr Weekers concludes agreement with US to tackle tax evasion and undeclared savings

Mr Weekers, the State Secretary of Finance, has concluded an agreement with the United States today making possible an automatic ...

News item | 18-12-2013 | 11:46

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