Registering as an amateur radio broadcaster

Do you want to be an amateur radio broadcaster? If so, you first must register at Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur (Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure).

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Amateur radio broadcaster exam

You must first pass an examination for radio amateurs (in Dutch). This proves you have sufficient knowledge of the technology required for broadcasting and the rules and regulations involved.

Registering as an amateur radio broadcaster

You can register as an amateur radio broadcaster in the Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur Nationaal Frequentieregister (in Dutch).

Do you want to transmit with a relay station or a beacon station? Or with a higher transmission power? Then you need a frequency usage licence (in Dutch).

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Frequentiebesluit 2013, artikelen 3, 4 en 5

Regeling gebruik van frequentieruimte met meldingsplicht 2015