Viewing the Antenneregister (mast register)

Would you like to know where there are masts near you, and what type of masts they are? You can view this information online in the form of the Antenneregister (mast register) at the Antennebureau (mast office).

Lees deze informatie in het Nederlands

Overview of mast installations in the Netherlands

The Antenneregister gives an overview of mast installations in the Netherlands. These include, for example, mobile phone masts and broadcaster and airport mast installations. Radio amateurs’s masts are also included in the Antenneregister.

Viewing the Antenneregister

You can view the Antenneregister (in Dutch) on the Antennebureau website.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Decree on frequencies 2013, Article 26

Regulation on public mast register, Article 3