Am I covered by my health insurance when I go on holiday outside the Netherlands?

If you go on holiday outside the Netherlands, you are still covered by your health insurance. The medical care you are entitled to and the costs that you can claim back depend on the country you are visiting. Your health insurance may not cover certain costs or may cover them only partially. So, you may need to take out extra health or travel insurance.

Medical costs abroad

The Netherlands has agreements with several countries to help visiting citizens who have health insurance at home if they need medical care. You are entitled to basic medical care as provided in these countries. The Netherlands and the country in question settle the costs with each other afterwards.

If the Netherlands has not concluded an agreement with the country you are visiting, check your health or travel insurance policy to see what care you are covered for.

Contact your health insurer for information about the rules that apply to the country you plan to visit.

Longer stays abroad

If you are going on holiday outside the Netherlands for a longer period, for example you are travelling around the world, ask your Dutch health insurer whether or not your policy provides adequate cover.

European Health Insurance Card

If you are travelling or working for an extended period within the European Union (EU), it might be useful to apply for a European Health Insurance Card. The card gives you easier access to medical care in the participating countries and you can claim costs back more quickly. You can obtain a European Health Insurance Card from your health insurer.