What do I need to do if I want to import a car into the Netherlands?

If you live in the Netherlands and have bought a car abroad (for import), you must get it registered in the Netherlands. After you get the registration certificate, you will have to pay motor vehicle tax (MRB). You will also have to get registration plates and take out car insurance (at the very least, third party liability insurance (WA verzekering).

Registering your car in the Netherlands

Follow these steps to register your car in the Netherlands:

  • Make an appointment online with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) for an inspection of your car. Take the foreign registration certificate and a valid identity document to the appointment, as well as any supplementary documents like a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), a foreign vehicle inspection report or any other documents belonging to the car.
  • If necessary, have an APK carried out. An APK is a mandatory, periodic technical inspection of a motor vehicle’s roadworthiness. This can also be done at the RDW inspection facility. An APK is not required if you are importing a car from an EU/EFTA country with a valid vehicle inspection report from that country.
  • File a car and motorcycle tax (BPM) return. This can also be done at the RDW inspection facility. The Tax Administration website tells you more about  BPM.

Next steps

Within a few days of your car being approved, the RDW will send you the vehicle registration certificate.

You must then: