Veterans' policy

Veterans’ policy is drawn up by the Dutch Ministry of Defence and implemented by the Veterans Institute, which is also responsible for providing information on care for veterans. The Veterans Institute maintains contact with veterans organisations, care organisations, support services and civil society organisations.

Complaints by veterans and mediation

In the event of complaints concerning veterans care, veterans may lodge a complaint with the relevant care organisation. The complaint must concern veterans care or services.
Veterans may take up their complaint with the Inspector-General of the Armed Forces or the Veterans Ombudsman. Before submitting a complaint to the Ombudsman, the complainant may also consider turning to the Inspector-General of the Armed Forces for mediation.

Invalidity payment for veterans

The Dutch government believes it owes a debt of honour to veterans who sustain a disabling injury on active service. By awarding them a one-off special benefit (debt of honour), the Dutch government seeks to repay its debt to this group, who suffer daily from physical or psychological injuries.

Veterans Platform

Dutch veterans’ organisations work together in the Veterans Platform, which represents veterans’ interests and acts as an intermediary and a point of contact for the Ministry of Defence.