Effect evaluation of the DUPC2 program IHE Delft

DUPC2 is a very relevant instrument to strengthen local capacity through partnerships. DUPC2 has reached the target values for a large majority of its indicators. Program resources are used efficiently and the governance of the program is well appreciated. The diversification of funding taking place within the DUPC2 program enhances the sustainability of the program and its activities. 

The DUPC2 program is the most important project on capacity development on water of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The cooperation with IHE Delft has evolved over time into a good partnership based upon mutual trust. This report underlines the good performance of the program and will be used for the design of a new phase of the program. The new phase of the program will pay special attention to the further integration of research, education and partnerships into learning networks around priority topics. The program will continue their work on the nexus water-food-health-climate and will give special attention to inclusiveness and gender.