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Speech by the minister of Infrastructure and The Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, at the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week, November

‘Together we can build a world of water safety, water security and water resiliency. This International Water Week is your ...

Speech | 03-11-2015

Hondsbossche and Pettemer sea defence

The Hondsbossche and Pettemer sea defence originally consisted of a 5.5 km long dyke. The sea defence was strengthened by ...

Video | 07-10-2015

Speaking notes by Melanie van Haegen Schultz, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment at the signing of a Letter of Inyent on Land Reclamation

“The question is not: how do we keep the polders dry? But: how do we deal with water in the polder? We’ve had good experiences ...

Speech | 18-06-2015

Speech by Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, at the Dutch embassy’s trade reception, Bangladesh

“The scale and complexity of the challenges facing Bangladesh are of a completely different order than the Netherlands. But my ...

Speech | 18-06-2015

Speech Minister Schultz signing MOU with UNESCO-IHE

‘It is vitally important that there continue to be young people that are fascinated by water and endeavour to find solutions to ...

Speech | 20-04-2015

Speech by minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen at the High-Level Panel on Water and Sustainable Development, Gyeongju (World Water Forum)

‘Why do we need new Sustainable Development Goals? Because we all want to live in safety and prosperity. Our goal is the creation ...

Speech | 14-04-2015

Speech by minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen, at the Ministerial Round Table, Gyeongju (World Water Forum)

‘If we are to solve worldwide problems, every country will need capacity to get things done. And money gets things done. We can’t ...

Speech | 13-04-2015

The Dutch Maritime Strategy 2015 - 2025

A comprehensive framework for the government-wide policy for the maritime cluster.

Report | 01-01-2015

Summary Management Plan for National Waters 2016-2021

The new Management and Development Plan for National waterways and water systems (Beheer- en ontwikkelplan voor de rijkswateren, ...

Policy note | 23-12-2014

Interim Revision of the National Water Plan 2009-2015

This interim revision embeds national policy and the required actions on a national level that follow from the proposal for Delta ...

Policy note | 23-12-2014