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Speech by minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen, at the Ministerial Round Table, Gyeongju (World Water Forum)

‘If we are to solve worldwide problems, every country will need capacity to get things done. And money gets things done. We can’t ...

Speech | 13-04-2015

The Dutch Maritime Strategy 2015 - 2025

A comprehensive framework for the government-wide policy for the maritime cluster.

Report | 01-01-2015

Summary Management Plan for National Waters 2016-2021

The new Management and Development Plan for National waterways and water systems (Beheer- en ontwikkelplan voor de rijkswateren, ...

Policy note | 23-12-2014

Interim Revision of the National Water Plan 2009-2015

This interim revision embeds national policy and the required actions on a national level that follow from the proposal for Delta ...

Policy note | 23-12-2014

Draft National Water Plan 2016-2021

The new National Water Plan provides the broad outlines, principles and direction of the national water policy for the 2016-2021 ...

Policy note | 23-12-2014

Draft Policy document on the North Sea 2016-2021

Draft maritime spatial policy plan of the Netherlands, appendix 2 to the National Water Plan 2016-2021.

Policy note | 23-12-2014

Summary PlanMER National Water Plan 2016-2021

PlanMER (Environmental Impact Assessment Plan) and Appropriate Assessment for the National Water Plan 2016-2021 (NWP2).

Report | 21-11-2014

Speech by the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, welcoming President U Thein Sein of Myanmar, Hoek van Holland

‘We share the same goals: we want our people to live safely with water. And we want water to work for us and not against us. We ...

Speech | 08-09-2014

Working on the Dutch Delta in the 21st century

The Netherlands is well protected against water. We are safe, but still vulnerable. That is why the Netherlands is preparing for ...

Leaflet | 01-09-2014

Sand motor to enhance safety of coastal area

Over the next few decades, the sand motor will spread 21.5 million cubic metres of sand along the Zuid-Holland coast. 

Publication | 31-07-2014