Netherlands International Water Ambition

The Netherlands International Water Ambition (NIWA) is the international water policy, developed by the alliance of the four principle Ministries of the Netherlands National Government:

NIWA stands for the coherent use of Dutch water related international policy making instruments and offers a platform for cooperation among public, private, societal and knowledge partners.

In the broader context of the SDG 2030 agenda, NIWA's main objective is ‘to increase water security and water safety in the world of humans, plants and animals, and to optimise the Dutch contribution to this and the Dutch earning capacity’. NIWA contributes to achieving the SDG agenda and puts climate adaptation at the heart of its work. Its strategy to achieve its objective is built on three pillars:

  1. strengthening local capacity through partnerships;
  2. adopting an integrated approach to water safety and water security;
  3. promoting the Netherlands as a Center of Excellence.