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Better safety monitoring at residential institutions and boarding schools

The government aims to introduce new statutory rules for all residential institutions and boarding schools, including those ...

News item | 03-10-2014 | 15:55

Financial compensation for victims of sexual violence in childcare institutions and foster homes

From 18 July, victims of sexual abuse in a childcare institution or a foster home can submit an application for financial ...

News item | 22-07-2013 | 10:33

EU to spend €8 billion on tackling youth unemployment

On the first day of the European summit, prime minister Mark Rutte spoke with his European colleagues about tackling youth ...

News item | 28-06-2013 | 15:57

Bill on professional work in youth care established

The Cabinet has approved the submission of the bill on professionalisation in youth care as proposed by state secretary van Rijn ...

News item | 19-04-2013 | 09:51

Outflow of Personnel from Correctional Institutions for Young Offenders on Course

The measures taken by State Secretary Teeven for Security and Justice to reduce the vacancy rate in Dutch correctional ...

News item | 29-06-2011 | 11:34

More severe punishments for at-risk youths

With the introduction of adolescent criminal law, State Secretary Teeven for Security and Justice has announced a broad set of ...

News item | 25-06-2011 | 11:52

Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Youth Protection

The Council calls attention to detained juveniles with a mild mental impairment. A large part of the juveniles detained in secure ...

News item | 22-06-2011 | 12:20

No structural amount for Youth Care Agencies

State Secretary Teeven (Security and Justice) has decided not to make a structural amount available for the Youth Care Agencies ...

News item | 25-05-2011 | 14:36

Minister Opstelten will deal more strictly with criminal youth groups

Minister Opstelten (Security and Justice) will deal more severely with criminal youth groups. Together with the Public ...

News item | 18-05-2011 | 15:01

State Secretary Teeven Wants to Improve the Quality of Community Service

State Secretary of Security and Justice Teeven will present a plan of action at the beginning of June 2011 to improve the quality ...

News item | 04-03-2011 | 10:48

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