Filing a complaint about youth care

If you have a complaint regarding jeugdhulp (youth care) or a youth care provider, such as if you disagree with a decision that pertains to you, you can file your complaint to the klachtenkommissie (complaints committee) of the youth care institution.

Last updated on 12 October 2022

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Youth care institution complaints committee

Every youth care institution has a complaints committee. They review complaints and can take decisions regarding them. The committee members are not affiliated with the youth care institution. This means they are independent.

Filing your complaint

Please file your complaint to the youth care institution complaints committee.

A counsellor may assist you confidentially in this. For this, please contact Jeugdstem – vertrouwenspersonen akj (adviesklachtenbureau jeugdzorg) (in Dutch). The counsellor may also accompany you in meetings if required.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Youth Act, Section 4.2.a

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