Which days are official public holidays in the Netherlands?

Here is a list of official public holidays in the Netherlands in 2022.

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Public holidays 2022

  • Nieuwjaarsdag (New Year’s Day): Saturday 1 January 2022
  • Goede vrijdag (Good Friday): Friday 15 April 2022
  • Eerste en tweede paasdag (Easter Sunday and Easter Monday): Sunday 17 and Monday 18 April 2022
  • Koningsdag (King’s Day): Wednesday 27 April 2022
  • Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day): Thursday 5 May 2022
  • Hemelvaartsdag (Ascension Day): Thursday 26 May 2022
  • Eerste en tweede pinksterdag (Whit Sunday and Whit Monday): Sunday 5 June and Monday 6 June 2022
  • Eerste en tweede kerstdag (Christmas Day and Boxing Day): Sunday 25 and Monday 26 December 2022

Public holidays: do I have the right to a day off?

There is no law that says employees must be given a day off work on certain public holidays. So no one has a legal right to a day off on a public holiday. Your Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst – CAO (collective labour agreement) or employment contract will tell you if you have the day off on public holidays.

Extension of periods ending on holidays or weekends

Public holidays may have an impact if you are required to make a payment or submit a response within a certain period (in Dutch). If such a period set by law ends on a Saturday, a Sunday or an official public holiday, the period will be extended until the next day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or an official public holiday.