Diverse programme international summit on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential for technologically advanced and future-proof armed forces. At the same time, it brings dilemmas and risks if the deployment of AI leads to a lack of human control or escalation of violence. Therefore, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea are organizing an international conference on the responsible development and deployment of AI within the military domain.

REAIM Summit

The international meeting, the REAIM Summit, will be held at the World Forum in The Hague on 15 and 16 February 2023. The aim is to agree on an international agenda with a broad group of stakeholders as a starting point for further international discussions and concrete follow-up steps on the responsible application of AI in military context. For this occasion, government representatives, academics, industry, think tanks and civil societies from around the world will come together.

The programme

Participants will be presented with a very diverse programme, with insights of leading experts on AI in the military domain. Both the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and the minister of Defense will will host the plenary opening of the conference. As a common theme a fictional scenario will be shown, designed especially for the REAIM Summit. This scenario provides the opportunity for discussions with high-level experts on reliability and explainability, yet also the accountability and the international agreements that apply from the use of AI in the military domain.

The two-day program is also enriched with more than 35 break-out sessions, workshops, interviews, talk shows, an academic forum, and a student hub. In addition, there is a 'Responsible Innovation Hub,' where several dozen companies will demonstrate products and explain how they collaborate on responsible AI development and innovation. On the second day of the REAIM Summit, government representatives will gather to discuss further steps on this topic.

A detailed version of the programme is available on the website. Participation in the REAIM Summit is still possible to gain access to the World Forum. Registration is required. Interested parties can register via the REAIM website. Part of the program will be broadcasted online via REAIM 2023's YouTube channel.