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International peace and security

The Netherlands plays an active role in preventing armed conflict worldwide and strengthening the international legal order by, for instance, participating in peace missions and supporting reconstruction in post-conflict countries. In addition, the Netherlands is host to the International Criminal Court and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Video: Integrated International Security Strategy

Integrated International Security Strategy

Suppose: a conflict in the Middle East leads to an attack on Dutch tourists Political tensions in another country cause unrest in the Netherlands. And foreign hackers are shutting down the largest port in the country. All of these examples show that security in the Netherlands is more than just a domestic affair. Events in the rest of the world are at least as important… And can have major consequences. Consider civil wars in North Africa and the Middle East, political tension in the Caribbean   and the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Partnerships that are strained because allies make different choices. New, hybrid forms of warfare.   And tensions in the Netherlands and the European Union that spark division in Dutch society. These developments threaten the security of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They can only be effectively addressed if we look beyond our own borders. Diplomates, military personnel, police officers, development cooperation, intelligence services, the justice system and others need to work together to fight threats. This vision takes centre stage in the Dutch cabinet’s Integrated International Security Strategy. A strategy to:

  • Prevent insecurity whenever possible;
  • Effectively defend the Kingdom of the Netherlands ;
  • Further strengthen the foundation for security.

The Integrated International Security Strategy 2018-2022. Working Worldwide for the security of the Netherlands.