The Hague to be host city of the 2025 NATO Summit

Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hanke Bruins Slot and the Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen, announced that the 2025 NATO Summit will be held at the World Forum in The Hague. The summit will take place from 24 to 26 June 2025. This is the first time the Netherlands has hosted a NATO Summit.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: “I am pleased to announce that the 2025 NATO Summit will be held at the World Forum in The Hague from 24 to 26 June 2025. We are grateful to the Netherlands for agreeing to host this meeting for the first time. The Netherlands is a founding member of NATO and makes critical contributions to the deterrence and defence of the Alliance. At our Summit, leaders will make decisions to continue to adapt and strengthen our Alliance for a rapidly changing security environment. Together, we are stronger and safer in NATO.”

NATO has been keeping the Netherlands safe for 75 years. As a NATO ally, the Netherlands is better protected against major and complex threats such as war, terrorism, or cyberattacks. Being a reliable NATO ally is therefore a vital investment in our security.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hanke Bruins Slot: “Peace and security cannot be taken for granted. In these turbulent times, with Russia waging a large-scale war on the European continent, NATO is essential for our security, freedom and values. By organising the NATO Summit, the Netherlands can further strengthen its position as a reliable ally.”

Summit attendees

The Netherlands was asked at the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, to host the 2025 summit. Approximately 45 heads of state and government, 45 foreign ministers, 45 defence ministers and about 6,000 delegates will come to the Netherlands for the summit meeting. About 2,000 journalists are also expected to travel to the country. A total of about 8,500 people are expected to attend.

Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren: “NATO is more important than ever. The current world situation demonstrates the need for NATO countries to stand shoulder to shoulder and show solidarity. This summit underlines the importance of this cooperation.”

Public Forum

At the same time as the summit, the NATO Public Forum will also be held at the summit location (by invitation only). The forum will provide scope for interactive sessions and debates involving young people, politicians, journalists, opinion makers, academics and experts. Attendees of the forum – around 500 people – will discuss the topics being addressed during the summit.

Mayor of The Hague Jan van Zanen: “The Hague is a host city to the world. We are pleased to welcome the NATO Summit to The Hague. This is a great responsibility and an enormous honour, which the city and its residents should be proud of. As the international city of peace and justice, The Hague will be an excellent host city for the summit.”

Major logistical operation

The organisation of the NATO Summit is one of the largest logistical operations in the Netherlands in decades. A large number of governmental and other organisations will be involved. For the NATO Summit to proceed smoothly, extra effort and flexibility will be required from all these organisations and their staff.