Organigram of the Ministry of Finance

The political leadership of the Ministry of Finance consists of the Minister of Finance, the State Secretary for Tax Affairs and the Tax Administration and the State Secretary for Benefits and Customs. The senior civil servants make up the Board. The Ministry of Finance consists of the following organisational units:


  • The Directorate-General for Tax Administration (in Dutch) implements tax legislation. The Tax Administration levies and collects taxes.
  • The Directorate-General for Customs monitors EU cross-border trade in goods, levies and collects import duties and taxes, and enforces legislation on health, safety, the economy and the environment.
  • The Directorate-General for Benefits ensures that essential services are available to all. It does this by paying benefits that many people rely on to afford health insurance, childcare and housing.
  • The Directorate-General for Tax and Customs Policy and Legislation (in Dutch) develops tax policy and tax legislation.
  • The Directorate-General of the Budget coordinates budget policy with the Financial and Economic Policy Directorate (part of the Secretary-General Cluster).
  • The Treasury (in Dutch) is responsible for good financial relations with other countries, efficient operation of financial markets, management of government loans and management of shareholdings in companies.
  • The Secretary-General Cluster (in Dutch) supports the directorates-general. It consists of six directorates that serve the entire ministry, and of the Central Government Audit Service and Movable Property Agency, which serve the whole of central government.