REAIM 2023

On 15 and 16 February, the government of the Netherlands hosted the first global Summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain, REAIM 2023. The summit provided a platform for all stakeholders to discuss the key opportunities, challenges and risks associated with military applications of AI. Participants included foreign ministers and other government delegates, as well as representatives from knowledge institutions, think tanks, industry and civil society organisations. The event was co-hosted by the Republic of Korea and took place at the World Forum in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice.

The REAIM Summit welcomed 2.000 attendees from 100 countries with 80 government representatives contributing to the responsible use and deployment of military AI. The Summit organised 4 high level sessions, around 35 breakout sessions, 20 AI demonstrations, an Academic Forum, Innovation hubs and a Student hub. Watch the wrap-up of the conference:

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Responsible AI in the Military Domain

Terrence - Host:
I am so happy to gather you all here in The Hague at the World Forum.

Willemijn Aerdts - Moderator:
There are three themes that are central during this conference.
Myth busting A.I.
Responsible Deployment of the use of A.I. and governance frameworks.

Terrence - Host:
Time travels fast.

H.E. Mr. Wopke Hoekstra - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands:
A.I. is everywhere. It is changing the way we live. It's changing the way we work.
And it is clearly changing the military.

Frans Osinga - Special Chair in War Studies, Leiden University - Professor of War Studies, The Netherlands Defence Academy:
The more our civilian societies become accustomed to these technologies, robotics and A.I.
The more we also will accept the employment of these technologies on the battlefield.

General Onno Eichelsheim - Chief of Defence of The Netherlands Armed Forces
For me, it is the most important element that it is reliable, it is trustworthy, and there is no data-bias.

Dr. Agnès Callarmard - SG Amnesty International:
Wars are dirty! Biases are a part of warfare?

Film Actor #1:
So there's a fair chance of data bias.

Film Actor #2:
Yes sir, that is correct.

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Prof. Kenneth Payne - Professor of Strategy, King's College London:
In the civilian domain, we are constantly looking to minimize risk.
And war is different. You have to take risks.

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Bonnie Jenkins - Undersecretary of State, United States:
One of the challenges is that as these things are being developed, we're hoping, I guess, that countries will be responsible and how they're developing them. But we don't know that.

General (Ret.) Jörg Vollmer - Chief Advisor Military Affairs, Fraunhofer Institute FKIE:
We have to understand how it can help. But never, ever hand it over to A.I.

Vistor #1:
It's so rare to have such a multi-stakeholder venue where you have people from all across the world and all different disciplines.

Vistor #2:
And to understand each other better, I think is the first best next step for a global approach to A.I. governance.

H.E. Mr. Wopke Hoekstra - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands:
It has been estimated that A.I. is as groundbreaking as nuclear technology.

Prof. Dr. Haroon Sheikh - WRR & VU:
So it's here. It's here to stay.
And we need to think about how to apply it responsibly.

H.E. Mr. Park Jin - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea:
Korea is proud to announce that it will host the second REAIM Summit in Korea, in cooperation with the Netherlands.

The Hague/ The Netherlands 2023 February 15-16
Responsible AI in the Military Domain
Co-hosted by the Republic of Korea

(Voice) General (Ret.) Jörg Vollmer - Chief Advisor Military Affairs, Fraunhofer Institute FKIE:
The machine will not decide. It's a human being.

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Image: ©Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Phil Nijhuis

Call to action on responsible use of AI in the military domain

Government representatives meeting at the REAIM summit have agreed a joint call to action on the responsible development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the military domain. 

Republic of Korea to host the next REAIM summit

REAIM 2023 was co-hosted by the Republic of Korea. Like the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea has been encouraging countries to contribute actively to the dialogue on the responsible use of AI in the military domain. The next REAIM summit will be hosted by the Republic of Korea.

Impressions of REAIM 2023

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