Co-hosting the REAIM 2023 Summit: the Republic of Korea

As militaries increasingly use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a range of contexts, the Republic of Korea recognizes the growing need for promoting international discussion on the responsible use of AI in the military domain.

To this end, Korea seeks to generate the political momentum for increased dialogue among relevant stakeholders - governments, international organizations, private sector, civil society and academia. Most notably, they have been convening sessions on the implications of AI to international peace and security at the World Emerging Security Forum, which is annually hosted by the Korean government.

As the co-host of the REAIM Summit together with the Netherlands, Korea will encourage the participation of relevant stakeholders at the Summit, and contribute to discussions on ways to promote the responsible military use of AI through a multistakeholder approach. In this regard, Korea will take into account its experiences and lessons learned from organizing the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace in 2013.

What is the role of the Republic of Korea as a co-host?

As co-host, Korea aims to raise international awareness on the potential benefits and risks of AI in the military domain, as well as the need for greater international cooperation in developing and using AI in a responsible manner. They will also encourage a multi-stakeholder approach on addressing this critical issue.

What is the policy of the Republic of Korea regarding the responsible use of AI in the military domain?

To respond to the rapidly changing security environment due to the rapid advances in digital technologies, the Korean government has come up with a ‘Defense AI Strategy’. And given the potential benefits and risks related to the use of AI, they are committed to enabling discussions among relevant stakeholders to promoting the responsible development and use of AI in the military domain.