Mid Term Review National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security 2016 - 2019

The goal of this Mid Term Review is to assess the progress of the implementation of the third National Action Plan 1325 (NAP1325) 2016-2019 of the Netherlands, to make recommendations for the last year of the third NAP1325 and to contribute to the policy discussions surrounding the development of the fourth NAP1325.

This Mid Term Review has been performed in order to assess the status of the third NAP1325 halfway through the implementation. The outcomes, results and recommendations in this MTR have been shared with all signatories of the NAP1325 (60 Civil Society Organizations, 4 ministries, and knowledge institutes). The recommendations have been partly followed up by the signatories, amongst others the extension of the NAP1325-III with an extra year, separating the different roles of the NAP and recommendations concerning the WPS-funding framework of the MFA. Recommendations concerning NAP1325-IV will be taken into account in the development process. Finally, other member states of the UN or the EU can draw lessons from the accumulated insights in this MTR.