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  1. Organization chart Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

    Publication | 01-06-2023

  2. It is never too late

    Advisory report on Bonaire Climate Table from table quartermaster Mr. Nijpels, to set up a climate table on Bonaire that will ...

    Report | 08-05-2023

  3. Code on Inter-administrative Relations

    The Code on Inter-administrative Relations contains agreements that contribute to successful interplay between government ...

    Report | 20-01-2023

  4. Taking care of your personal business online using eIDAS across borders

    This video gives some examples about using eIDAS for sorting out administrative matters across the borders.

    Video | 05-01-2023

  5. Government-wide strategy for effectively tackling disinformation

    Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Bruins Slot and Minister for Digitalisation Van Huffelen present the House of ...

    Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 23-12-2022

  6. Policy response to the report Open Public Procurement Data by Default

    This policy response to Fredo Schotanus’ report (recommendations) ‘Open public Procurement by Default’ outlines what ...

    Report | 23-12-2022

  7. Value-Driven Digitalisation Work Agenda

    The theme of 'digital government' and a number of conditions of the 'digital foundation' have been elaborated in the ...

    Report | 30-11-2022

  8. The Environment and Planning Act of the Netherlands 2020 - Explanatory Memorandum

    Background, goals, scope, instruments, implementation regulations and the relationship between EU law and national law of the ...

    Report | 04-11-2022

  9. Letter to the Parliament on Value-Driven Digitalisation Work Agenda

    Letter from Minister Van Huffelen for Digitalisation to the President of the House of Representatives of the States General on ...

    Parliamentary document | 04-11-2022

  10. Which organisations are allowed to make a copy of my ID?

    Find out which organisations in the Netherlands are allowed to take a copy of your ID.

    Question and answer