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Photo specification guidelines 2020 - Criteria for accepting passport photos in Dutch travel documents

Applicants for travel documents are required to submit a colour passport photo that shows a true likeness of themselves. A photo ...

Publication | 18-06-2020

Human rights report 2019

International human rights policy: activities and results.

Report | 16-06-2020

National Action Plan on human rights 2020

The National Human Rights Action Plan 2020 describes how the government wants to protect and promote human rights in the ...

Publication | 31-05-2020

What products are required to have a CE-mark?

CE-marking is mandatory for a wide range of consumer products marketed within the European Union (EU). CE-marking shows the ...

Question and answer

What is CE-marking for construction products?

CE-marking for construction products indicates that the products meet safety and performance requirements.

Question and answer

What is a Declaration of Performance for construction products?

A Declaration of Performance (DoP) describes the construction product’s characteristics, such as the extent to which it is ...

Question and answer

Letter to Parliament with progress report on St Eustatius

Raymond Knops, State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, informs the House of Representatives on the progress St ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 24-09-2019

Does the ban on face coverings apply at all healthcare institutions?

Yes. From 1 August 2019 you may no longer wear clothing that makes your face unidentifiable, such as a full-face motorcycle ...

Question and answer

What does the partial ban on face coverings entail?

On 1 August 2019 a ban was introduced on face coverings on public transport or in and around government, healthcare or ...

Question and answer

Why is there a partial ban on face coverings?

In some situations it is necessary for people to be able to make eye contact and identify each other, in order to provide a ...

Question and answer