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IOB - The Netherlands’ Africa Policy 1998-2006 / Evaluation of bilateral cooperation (summary)

English summary of the evaluation on the implementation and results of the Africa Policy. This evaluation was carried out by the ...

Report | 01-05-2008

The Netherlands arms export policy in 2002

Published by: Ministry of Economic Affairs and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, The Netherlands Original title: ...

Annual report | 01-09-2003

Administrative rules FPP-II 2012-2015

Order of the Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation of 13 May 2011, no. DJZ/BR-0370/11, laying down ...

Regulation | 16-02-2012

Human Rights Report 2014

Report | 26-02-2016

Bicameral Legislatures. An International Comparison

In this publication, you will find an up-to-date overview of the design of bicameral systems in a large number of countries.

Report | 01-10-2015

IOB Study - Achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights

This report presents the findings of a desk-study of the results of multilateral organisations in the field of sexual and ...

Report | 12-02-2014

IOB Study - Evaluation issues in financing for development. Analysing effects of Dutch corporate tax policy on developing countries

Developing countries need reliable sources to finance their development. What better way to enhance their economic self-reliance ...

Report | 14-11-2013

Captured Ghana Country Evaluation

Annex to Captured End Evaluation Synthesis Report: Ghana Country Evaluation

Report | 01-07-2012

Review of the WSSD Public-Private Partnership Program in Ethiopia

This is the mission report for the Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) and ...

Report | 01-03-2009

Evaluation of the international and education programmes NPT and NFP managed by NUFFIC - The case of Uganda

The major methodological input to this field study has been the data collected by interviewing people concerned with the ...

Report | 15-03-2007