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Citizen service number (BSN)

The citizen service number (BSN) is a unique personal number allocated to everyone registered in the Personal Records Database ...

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 when temporarily in the Netherlands

People who are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) automatically receive an invitation to get vaccinated against ...

What information is in the Personal Records Database?

The Personal Records Database (BRP) contains personal data for people who live in the Netherlands (residents) and people who live ...

Question and answer

Online access to public services in the European Economic Area (EEA)

The European regulation eIDAS ensures that you can log in to organizations in other countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) ...


Identification documents

If you require medical treatment in the Netherlands, or you want to open a bank account or apply for welfare benefits, you have ...


How can my partner and I apply for joint responsibility for a child?

each log in using your own DigiD code. You will need your child’s citizen service number (burgerservicenummer (BSN)) when ...

Question and answer

How I can register in the Non-residents Records Database?

If you are moving to the Netherlands for no more than 4 months, you can register as a non-resident with the Personal Records ...

Question and answer

When should I register with the Personal Records Database as a resident?

If you will be living in the Netherlands for longer than 4 months, you must register as a resident with the Personal Records ...

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Getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated outside the Netherlands

You need proof of vaccination. Most people won't have any trouble retrieving their data via the CoronaCheck app or ...

Compulsory identification at the workplace

Everyone aged 14 and over in the Netherlands must show valid proof of identity if asked to do so by the police or other law ...