What information is in the Personal Records Database?

The Personal Records Database (BRP) contains personal data for people who live in the Netherlands (residents) and people who live abroad (non-residents). People who live in the Netherlands for less than 4 months – to work or study here, for example – can also be registered with the BRP.

Residents’ personal data in the BRP

The BRP contains a lot of data about you, including your first name(s) and surname, your gender and your citizen service number (BSN). It also contains data on your:


Their name(s) and surnames, genders and BSN.


Your nationality and the reason you obtained or lost Dutch nationality.

Marriage/registered partnership

Your partner’s BSN, first name(s) and surname, country of birth and gender, plus the date you married or registered your partnership.

Death certificate

If you die, the date, location and country of your death.

Registration in the BRP

Data about your registration in the BRP, like the date on which you were first registered. Any request not to share your data with certain organisations will also be recorded here.

Place of residence

Details of your place of residence, e.g. your address. If you are from another country, which country you are from and when you settled in the Netherlands.


Data on your child or children, such as their first name(s), surname(s), BSN, and date, place and country of birth.

Residence permit

If you are from another country, data about your residence permit, e.g. the type of permit, the date residence was granted and the date it expires.

Parental responsibility and guardianship

Minors fall under the responsibility of their parents, or of a guardian or carer. These details are stored in the BRP, including when someone is placed under guardianship.

Travel document

Details of your travel documents. For example, the type of travel document you have (passport or identity card), the date it was issued and the date it expires.

Right to vote

Under certain circumstances you can be denied the right to vote. For example, if a court has imposed a custodial sentence of at least five years and, as an additional penalty, disqualified you from voting. This is included in your personal data in the BRP.

Non-residents’ personal data in the BRP

If you do not live in the Netherlands or will be staying for less than 4 months, you can be registered as a non-resident in the BRP (also called the Non-residents Records Database (RNI)). The following data is in in the RNI:

  • name, date and place of birth, gender;
  • nationality;
  • residential address outside the Netherlands;
  • residence permit;
  • BSN;
  • record number.