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  1. Preventing honour-based violence

    The Dutch government is committed to preventing all forms of honour-based violence.

  2. Sexual and reproductive health and rights in developing countries

    The Netherlands is working to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide. Please see for more ...

  3. MHPSS conference: acknowledgements

    The organisers of the International Conference on MHPSS in Crisis Situations are grateful to all co-chairs and working group ...

  4. What assistance can I get at home from my municipality?

    Anyone who needs social support can apply for it under the Social Support Act (WMO 2015). You may be offered a standard or ...

    Question and answer

  5. Organogram of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport: Directorate-General for Long-Term Care

    Director-General: Ernst van Koesveld

  6. Personal Records Database (BRP)

    The Personal Records Database (BRP) contains the personal data of people who live in the Netherlands (residents) and of people ...

  7. Presentation of the Stop Femicide! action plan

    The Stop Femicide! action plan was presented today. Femicide is lethal violence against women and girls and it occurs at all ...

    News item | 07-06-2024 | 15:00

  8. New act to address sexual offences enters into force on July 1, 2024

    Victims of sexual assault and sexually transgressive behaviour will be better protected under the criminal legislation as of 1 ...

    News item | 20-03-2024 | 07:00

  9. New legislation as of 1 January 2024

    As of 1 January 2024, animal abuse and animal neglect will be punished more strictly and effectively. The use of personal data ...

    News item | 18-12-2023 | 08:00

  10. New Justice and Security laws as of July 1, 2024

    Rape and sexual assault victims will be able to file a police report in more situations, descendants of enslaved people can ...

    News item | 05-07-2024 | 12:00