What assistance can I get at home from my municipality?

Anyone who needs social support can apply for it under the Social Support Act (Wmo 2015). The municipality will assess your needs. You may be offered a standard or customised package. Customised services are tailored specifically to your situation and may include alterations to your home. Standard services, such as a shopping service, are available to all.

Social support services?

Are you unable to cope on your own, or unable to participate fully in society? Is there no one in your network who can help? If so, your municipality must offer you support. The law does not specify what kind of services they must provide. After the municipality has assessed your needs (usually in an interview), they may offer you a standard or customised service package. You will be required to pay towards the cost of some services.

Customised services

Customised social support services do not include medical care. Examples are:

  • local transport service
  • regional transport service (for people with reduced mobility who cannot travel by public transport)
  • coaching/companionship
  • sheltered accommodation
  • customised day activity programme
  • alterations to your home (e.g. a stair lift or elevated toilet)
  • wheelchair (available under the Wmo only to people who need them long-term; if you need one for only a short period, contact the home care shop (thuiszorgwinkel), home care lending service (thuiszorguitleenmagazijn) or your health insurance company)
  • respite care
  • support for informal carers
  • domestic help (such as tidying and cleaning your home).

Standard services

Sometimes your needs can be met by standard services. Anyone can apply for these services. The municipality will decide on your application without first assessing your personal situation. Standard services include:

  • shopping service
  • Advice and Reporting Centre for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (advies- en meldpunt huiselijk geweld en kindermishandeling)
  • facilities for social contact for people who are lonely
  • hot meal service (meals-on-wheels)
  • shelters (e.g. for victims of domestic violence, homeless shelter)
  • assistance for community centres and societies.

The municipality may ask you to pay towards the cost of these standard services.

Personal budget or care services in kind

There are two ways of arranging social support under the Wmo:

Personal budget

A personal budget (PGB) allows you to purchase care from the provider of your choice. You can also use a PGB to buy a wheelchair or mobility scooter if you do not wish to use the standard model provided by your municipality. Your local municipality can tell you how to apply for a PGB.

Care services in kind

You can also let the municipality make the arrangements for your care. They can, for example, arrange a wheelchair or domestic worker for you.