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Representations: Kosovo


Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutors Office


Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo ('s-Gravenhage)


Verhagen: Stability in Kosovo top priority

The Netherlands sees stability in Kosovo and the Balkans as a top priority. Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen made this clear ...

News item | 18-02-2008 | 10:34

Verhagen calls on Serbia and Kosovo to negotiate constructively

Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen called urgently on Serbian and Kosovo leaders during his visit to the region to reach a ...

News item | 29-08-2007 | 16:14

Marechaussees form strong arm of Kosovo Police

Marechaussee personnel of the EULEX mission in Kosovo have recently begun conducting patrols with the Kosovo police in the city ...

News item | 13-03-2013 | 00:00

Dutch delegation joins EULEX mission in Kosovo

The Dutch government has agreed to the proposal by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Justice and the Interior to ...

News item | 21-03-2008 | 14:26

The Netherlands will monitor developments in Kosovo closely

Speaking in Brussels on 18 February after a meeting with his EU counterparts, foreign minister Maxime Verhagen said that the ...

News item | 20-02-2008 | 10:22

Dutchman appointed special EU envoy to Kosovo

Pieter Feith has been appointed to the EU’s most important diplomatic post in Kosovo. He will play a key role in promoting ...

News item | 17-02-2008 | 10:38

The Netherlands supports EU mission to Kosovo

At the European Council in Brussels, the European Union decided to send civilian and police missions to Kosovo.

News item | 17-12-0007 | 14:03