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Representations: Norway


Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway ('s-Gravenhage)


Norway and the Netherlands aim for financial stability

Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen has said that economic and financial stability in the European Union is vital not only for ...

News item | 02-06-2010 | 00:00

More intensive cooperation with Norway

Last week, Minister Hans Hillen and his Norwegian counterpart Espen Barth Eide held talks about further military cooperation. On ...

News item | 21-03-2012 | 15:33

Marine injured after accident in Norway

On 14 February 2012, a Dutch officer of the Netherlands Marine Corps was injured during cold-weather training. His condition is ...

News item | 22-02-2012 | 09:49

More intensive cooperation with Norway

ministry of defence military cooperation norway awacs cols response

News item | 22-03-2012 | 11:59

EU Services Directive

The EU Services Directive makes it easier for businesses such as window cleaners, plumbers and caterers to offer their services ...


How can my company obtain certification for the import of military goods?

You can obtain certification for your company from Customs’ National Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Centre. This speeds up ...

Question and answer

Highly skilled migrants

Highly skilled migrants come to the Netherlands to make a contribution to the knowledge economy. If they hold the nationality of ...

As an EU citizen, how can I stay in the Netherlands for longer than three months?

As a national of an EU country, you can stay in the Netherlands for as long as you wish. You do not require a residence permit, ...

Question and answer