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Am I entitled to remigration benefit?

If you satisfy certain conditions, you can receive remigration benefit. The conditions depend on where you came from (your ...

Question and answer

International Comparison eID Means

This report is the result of a study to discover the policy considerations in the European Union Member States for shaping a ...

Report | 10-04-2015

Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter 20-21 May 2015

Letter from Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp to the House of Representatives about the Ministerial Conference on the ...

Parliamentary document | 30-01-2015

Joint statement of the Ministers of Culture of the European Union

Publication | 11-01-2015

Public Integrity and Trust in Europe

This report provides an analysis of the relations between trust and public integrity.

Report | 01-01-2015

2025 - Vision for Science choices for the future

Report about the plans of the government regarding science policy.

Report | 08-12-2014

Culture at a glance 2014

Culture at a Glance (Cultuur in Beeld) is published annually by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The ...

Report | 01-12-2014

Ploumen: Appreciation for relief work in the Philippines

Aid organisations are working hard to rebuild the Philippines in the wake of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in November ...

News item | 15-07-2014 | 14:42

Annual Report on the Netherlands arms export policy 2013

This report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discusses the instruments, procedures and underlying principles of Dutch arms ...

Report | 01-07-2014

OECD report 'Ageing and Employment Policies: Netherlands 2014'

Recommendations for possible elements of an overall strategy for promoting the employment and employability of older workers.

Report | 16-04-2014