Admitting a pupil to special education

Speciaal onderwijs (special education) is for students who need specialised or intensive support. Such as due to a disability or disorder. Your child must receive approval for special education. This is the toelaatbaarheidsverklaring (declaration of admissibility) Different admission rules apply for visually-impaired, blind, hearing-impaired or deaf children.

Last updated on 28 December 2021

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Does your child have a learning disability or chronic illness? Or a disorder or behavioural problems? If so, your child needs a toelaatbaarheidsverklaring. This attests that your child has the right to a place in special education. The school for special education will request the toelaatbaarheidsverklaring from the partnership group. A partnership group is a collaboration between ordinary schools and special education schools in a specific region.

Admission of visually-impaired, blind, hearing-impaired or deaf children

Is your child visually-impaired or blind? Or hearing-impaired or deaf? If so, the school Commissie van Onderzoek – CvO (research committee) will examine whether your child may take special education. CvO representatives include a teacher, a speech and language expert and a social worker.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wet op de expertisecentra, artikelen 40 en 41

Wet op het primair onderwijs, artikel 40

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