Request educational supports for young people with disabilities

Do you have a disability? Are you younger than 30 years of age? If so, you can request supports to facilitate your studies.

Last updated on 3 June 2021

Examples of educational supports

Some examples of educational supports would be:

Conditions for educational support

To receive educational support, you must meet certain conditions. For instance, you must be younger than 30 years of age. All conditions for educational support (in Dutch) are available on the UWV website.

Request educational support

You may request educational support (in Dutch) from UWV. You may also request transport assistance for vocational or higher education from UWV. For this, please use the Transport allowance request form (in Dutch).

You may request student transport (in Dutch) from the municipality for primary and secondary school students.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Law on other subsidies funded by the Ministry of  Education, Culture and Science

Implementing decree on educational provision for young people with a disability

Regulation on educational provision for young people with a disability

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