Can I get a grant to remove my asbestos roof?

The national grant scheme for asbestos roof removal ended on 15 December 2018, but you may still be able to get a grant for this purpose from your local or provincial authority.

End of grant scheme for asbestos roof removal

Until recently, it was possible to take advantage of a grant scheme for removing asbestos roofs. The total budget (€75 million) has now been spent and, as a result, no further applications are being accepted. 

New fund to replace grant scheme

The grant scheme for asbestos roof removal was ended on 15 December 2018 because the €75 million budget was exhausted. It is no longer possible to apply for a grant. The Housing Promotion Fund, provincial and local authorities, banks and central government are setting up a new fund to replace this grant scheme.

Extra asbestos grants from municipalities or provinces

Contact your local or provincial authority to find out if they offer a grant for asbestos removal.