Am I entitled to a grant if I remove my asbestos roof?

Yes. Everyone can apply for the national grant. Your local authority and province may also have a grant for you.

Grant programme for asbestos abatement

The national grant programme for the removal of asbestos roofs was introduced in 2016. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency runs this programme. All private individuals, companies, nonprofit organisations and authorities may be eligible for a grant. The prerequisite is that the asbestos abatement is performed by a certified asbestos abatement company (use the map or enter your Dutch zip/post code and press the red 'Zoeken' button to find a company near you). Refer to the asbestos roofs removal grant eligibility conditions (in Dutch).

Asbestos removal grants via your local authority or province

Contact your municipality and province to inform if they provide a local asbestos abatement grant programme.