How do I apply for financial compensation as a victim of exposure to asbestos?

Victims of asbestos exposure who are suffering from mesothelioma or asbestosis can submit an application for financial compensation to the Dutch Institute for Asbestos Victims. This institute will help you investigate how you were exposed to asbestos. The institute will advise the Sociale Verzekeringsbank regarding your entitlement to compensation. The Sociale Verzekeringsbank will decide whether or not you will receive compensation.

Compensation for asbestos victims

Are you suffering from asbestosis or mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos? If so, you can apply for compensation with the Dutch Institute for Asbestos Victims (abbreviated as IAS in Dutch).

There are 2 compensation schemes in place. Compensation for Asbestos Victims (abbreviated as TAS in Dutch) and Non-work-related Compensation for Asbestos victims (abbreviated as TNS in Dutch):

  • The TAS scheme is for employees and members of their household who have contracted a disease by being exposed to asbestos.
  • The TNS scheme is for those who have contracted a disease by being exposed to asbestos in their work as a self-employed person or through exposure to asbestos in the environment or products.

The IAS provides more information on compensation for asbestos victims (in Dutch) on

Conditions for financial compensation

In order to receive compensation, you must meet a number of conditions. For example, you must not have received any compensation for intangible damages. You can find the conditions for compensation for asbestos victims (in Dutch) on

Amount of financial compensation

In 2020, the amount of financial compensation asbestos victims are entitled to is € 21.269. In 2019 the amount was € 20.730 and in 2018 it was € 20,355.

Applying for compensation as an asbestos victim

You submit your application for compensation to the IAS using the application form for sufferers of mesothelioma (in Dutch) or the application form for sufferers of asbestosis (in Dutch).

Compensation for asbestos victims is an advance payment on the damages sought

The compensation is an advance payment on the damages sought. In the interim, the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (in Dutch: SVB – the organization that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands) will attempt to recover the costs from the liable party, your current or former employers, for example. The advance payment will be deducted from the damages that are ultimately paid out.