Reception of asylum seekers in the Netherlands

When an asylum seeker enters the Netherlands, there are several possibilities. This depends on the available reception capacity.

Start of the aylum procedure

Depending on the available reception capacity, the asylum seeker is placed in:

  • Asylum seekers’ centre (azc)

    Regular reception centre.
  • Emergency reception

    Temporary reception in the event of a shortage in asylum seekers’ centres. For example in pavilions, multi-purpose halls, holiday parks.
  • Crisis reception

    Reception of a very temporary nature (in principle, for a maximum of 72 hours). For example, reception in sport centres. Organisation at a regional level, by the Safety Regions.

Application is granted

Asylum seeker receives a (temporary) residence permit.

Housing in municipality

Permanent or temporary accommodation is possible. For example through:

  • regular accommodation in the (subsidized) rented sector
  • additional accommodation in refurbished empty (office) buildings, in mobile living units or other facilities such as holiday homes.

For this, the municipal authorities can make use of special schemes (subsidy scheme for accommodation of permit holders and the accelerated municipal housing scheme).

Temporary permit has been revoked

For example, because protection is no longer needed.

Request was rejected

Return voluntary or forced.