Repeat asylum application

If an application for asylum is denied, the asylum seeker must leave the Netherlands. In some cases an individual may wish to reapply for asylum, for instance because the situation in their country of origin or their personal situation has changed. There may be new facts or circumstances that are relevant to their case.

International asylum law

Asylum seekers are entitled to reapply for asylum under international asylum law and conventions. These provide that a person cannot be returned to a country where they are in danger. That is why no limit is imposed on the number of asylum applications a person can submit.

Reapplying for asylum

People can reapply for asylum by submitting an application form to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). They can get a lawyer to help them. They must then hand in the application in person at the IND’s application centre in Ter Apel. The full procedure is explained on the IND’s website.

If an asylum seeker does not agree with the IND’s decision, they can apply to the district court to have it reviewed.