Gaining permission for special activities in airspace at an airport (releasing a small balloon)

You will usually need permission if you want to release a balloon or balloons near an airport.

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Requesting permission from air traffic control

If you want to release the balloon or balloons at an airport where air traffic control is in charge of air traffic, at a location that is within 8 km of that airport’s perimeter, you will need permission from air traffic control at the airport.

Permission may be refused if your activity is likely to disrupt air traffic, for example if the wind direction affects the speed of the balloon(s).

Informing the airport manager

In the case of uncontrolled civilian airports, you must inform the airport manager no later than two hours before releasing the balloon(s). This applies if you want to release the balloon(s) within 3 km of the airport perimeter. The airport manager can give instructions to prevent airport traffic from being disrupted or endangered.

Informing the users of gliding centres

If you intend to release the balloon(s) within 3 km of the perimeter of a gliding centre, you must consult with the users of the gliding centre beforehand.

Which types of balloons does this apply to?

These rules apply to:

Small free balloons

a balloon or combination of balloons up to two metres high or with a maximum capacity of four cubic metres.

Special balloons

a small free balloon, or combination of small free balloons, the height or width of which does not exceed 75 cm.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Regeling kabelvliegers en kleine ballons, artikelen 3 en 4