Where does the ban on face coverings apply?

The ban on wearing face coverings applies in and around the buildings of healthcare institutions, educational institutions and government organisations and on public transport. In these places you may not wear clothing that makes your face unidentifiable.

This means, for example, that you may not enter a pharmacy or hospital wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet, or a school, town hall or train wearing a burka.

Ban applies in area around government, healthcare and school buildings

The ban on face coverings also applies in the area of land that belongs to a government building, healthcare institution or educational institution. In some cases this area may be fenced, like a school playground or the premises of a hospital. If there is no fence around the building, it might not be clear where the ban applies. If this is the case, contact the organisation in question for more information.

If there is no area surrounding the building

Some buildings do not have an outdoor area. Instead their doors open onto the street or pavement. In these cases the ban applies from the building’s entrance.

Public transport: ban applies inside vehicles only

The ban applies on public transport but only in the vehicles themselves and not at stops, on platforms or in stations.

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No ban at embassies and consulates

The ban on face coverings does not apply at foreign embassies and consulates in the Netherlands. It also does not apply at Dutch embassies and consulates in other countries.