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  1. Speech Steven Collet, Ambassador for Business and Development to the First Advisory Board Meeting of the eTrade for Women Initiative

    Opening Remarks Steven Collet, Ambassador for Business and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the ...

    Speech | 20-01-2022

  2. Effectiveness Study of the Financial Inclusion Efforts of Four Rabo Partnerships (2015-2019)

    This study was commissioned to gain insight into the impact of the interventions by Rabo Partnerships (RP) as part of the PPP ...

    Report | 31-05-2021

  3. Key-note speech 'Building Better Forward - a joint effort, in mutual interest'

    Key-note speech by Steven Collet, Ambassador for Business and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, at the ...

    Speech | 27-05-2021

  4. WTO Aid for Trade Session 2021

    The Aid for Trade Stocktaking Event of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will take place from 23 to 25 March 2021. This event ...

    Publication | 12-03-2021

  5. Video: 'The Only Way is Up' conference

    Living wages and incomes are a human right - but someone has to pay for them. ... That's why we're all here today. So that ...

    Video | 23-01-2020

  6. New program 'Work: No Child’s Business' launched to help eliminate child labor

    Today, almost one in every ten children between the ages of five and seventeen is involved in child labor. The Alliance, together ...

    Media article | 23-05-2019

  7. Public infrastructure development in Senegal – The new port of Ziguinchor

    Video | 10-01-2018

  8. Human Resource policies as Driver of Gender-Inclusive Business

    The business case for gender diversity has internationally been made many times: Companies that invest in gender perform better. ...

    Media article | 11-12-2017

  9. Trade matters – for jobs, for prosperity, for us all

    Over the next few weeks, ITC, TMEA, CBI and ourselves will illustrate that trade matters to people, and how companies and farmers ...

    Media article | 08-12-2017

  10. Business for development works

    Video | 21-11-2017