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Celebrating entrepreneurship worldwide and in The Netherlands

Friday November, 17th was the Day of the Entrepreneur (Dag van de Ondernemer) in the Netherlands. A day to celebrate ...

Media article | 17-11-2017

Tackling traffic jams and air pollution in Kampala

Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is a metropolis with 1.5 million inhabitants. Next to that another 1.5 million commuters are ...

Media article | 13-11-2017

African-European cooperation for youth entrepreneurship

The 5th African Union – European Union (AU-EU) summit will take place in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) on November 29 & 30. The AU-EU ...

Media article | 13-11-2017

Race to the top - Sustainable trade

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development show how economic growth can go hand in hand with social development and ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016

Access to financial services - Financial infrastructure

Access to financial services is a prerequisite for economic development that benefits everyone. Savings, transactions (including ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016

The road to sustainable economic growth - Infrastructure

Sustainable economic development is not possible without a properly functioning and accessible infrastructure. The Netherlands ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016

Working together for a better business climate - Reliable institutions and actors

Good, reliable institutions and actors that provide efficient services are important for a good business climate. The Netherlands ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016

Taxes crucial to development - Legislation

Developing countries will be able to achieve internationally agreed development goals more quickly if they put their government ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016

Fewer barriers, more trade - Trade facilitation and regional trade

In many developing countries, while the economy is growing, regional trade is stagnating. Failure to exploit the potential for ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016

Towards a stimulating economic climate - Improving the climate for business

Extra support particularly benefits smaller producers in developing countries. The Netherlands carries out a range of activities ...

Leaflet | 12-04-2016