Tackling traffic jams and air pollution in Kampala

Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is a metropolis with 1.5 million inhabitants. Next to that another 1.5 million commuters are entering the city on a daily basis. For years the city center has been struggling with enormous traffic problems, pedestrian accidents and severe air pollution. With support of the Develop2Build program of The Netherlands, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has developed an ambitious plan to tackle these problems.

Two Dutch consultancy agencies, Move Mobility and Goudappel, have developed a mobility plan together with KCCA and the Dutch Embassy in Kampala. Within the plan the redevelopment of the Old Taxi Park Central Station is combined with car-free zones for pedestrians and cyclists.

The next step is a feasibility study. This study consists of an extensive environmental impact assessment and various sessions with stakeholders. The construction phase will start in two years. In 2021 Kampala has to be free of traffic jam, will have a healthier air quailty and more economic opportunities for residents.

Develop2Build (D2B)

The Develop2Build (D2B) program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the project. Develop2Build (D2B) is a Government-to-Government program. It supports governments in 37 developing countries and emerging markets in the development of infrastructure projects. Good infrastructure is vital for the functioning of the economy and public health, especially in developing countries. It gives farmers more opportunities to bring food to the (local) market. Good water facilities are important for access to clean drinking water and higher living standards.

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