Long-term care at home

Central and local government and health insurance companies are jointly responsible for long-term care.

Support at home is a responsibility of the municipality

The municipality provides support at home under the Social Support Act (officially known as WMO 2015). This is non-medical support, such as day activities or domestic help. Support for informal carers is also a municipal task.

Health insurance company pays costs of nursing and personal care at home

People who, for example, need someone to give them their medication or help them shower and dress can get nursing and personal care at home. Health insurance companies cover the costs of these services. In each case a district nurse decides what care services are needed and whether they or another care provider should provide these.

Round-the-clock care: residential care or care at home

People who require 24-hour care or supervision can be admitted to a care institution under the terms of the Chronic Care Act. Central government is responsible for this type of care. People can also receive constant care at home, but only if it is practicable and the costs do not exceed the costs of residential care.

Applying for care at home

Would you like to know how you can get home care? Or do you have questions about the personal budget (PGB), your own financial contribution, or about district nursing? If so, go to questions and answers about care and support at home.